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I’m all about bringing nature into my work. There’s just something magical about incorporating thousands of preserved hornets into a light feature above a vanity built entirely out of wood infested with their nests. And how much do you love moss? Flooring is overrated when you can turn your bathroom into a mossery. I’m planning a bathroom with every surface covered in Spanish moss and a bathtub carved into a 300-year-old southern live oak tree. My last client told me he liked fish and I said, “Of course you do. How could you not?” He left for a week and when he returned I had finished his bathroom. It is probably my best work. His toilet now stands proudly on a pedestal in the middle of a 3-foot deep koi pond. He loves it. He asked, “Where did the tub and sink go?” but they’re irrelevant I told him. He said, “But where will I bathe? Where will I brush my teeth?” Completely unnecessary. His bathroom is art now. Everyone deserves to use a toilet surrounded by art.