“You have to build bridges to other departments.”

“There isn’t time to build bridges to other departments.”

“Bridges build from two directions.”

“We don’t have the resources to be the only bridge builders.”

“We’ve already built some bridges.”

“How do you build a bridge when you have forty other projects going?”

“At some point you can’t just worry about the bridge, you have to think about the dock and ferries too.”

“Before we build a bridge across, we have to secure the bridge to a strong foundation.”

“Bridges can be cost prohibitive. Tunnels might be better long-term investments.”

“People are moving across the bridge in one direction.”

“There have been bridges in place since the merger, and they are still in place.”

“Sometimes bridges end in a silo.”

“We need some large fish in the river. You need some perspective from the bridge.”

“Do they just stop partway across the bridge?”

“I had an experience where the bridge connected to a silo, and then it appeared there was a silo within a silo.”

“Are there people on both sides of the bridge trying to get across?”

“You can build bridges from each side but you have to make sure they meet in the right place.”

“We don’t have time to repair old bridges.”

“Unless there is enough water, we might not even need a bridge.”